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See the Divine '70s-Global Decor of Bravo's Stephen Collins

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Those weary that a Bravolebrity like Stephen Collins (of Property Envy) was tapped to host the official video tours and interviews of Palm Springs Modernism Week will be happy to know that his midcentury home credentials check out. What's more, he's passed the test with flying colors—most notably burnt orange, pea green, and saffron. Home blog Domaine just posted a tour of Collins' '70s single-story dwelling, which was also spotlighted at this year's Modernism Week. Collins, who describes himself as a "semi-nomadic bon vivant," was drawn to Palm Springs for the same reason he was drawn to the French Riviera, Palm Beach, and Morocco: "Resorts allow for dreams to be fulfilled because they are bubbles; they bear little resemblance to reality, and therefore permit whimsy and folly."

For now Palm Springs' "seamless indoor-outdoor living" has convinced him to settle at in his SoCal abode, a decision that required, as Domaine writes, "removing walls, streamlining the hallways, and adding an additional bedroom suite." He then brought in grasscloth wallcoverings and his constellation of worldly goods: ebony busts from Africa, a watercolor of Constantinople, tribal fabrics, and enough furnishings to fill five shipping containers. "They have been a part of my life, my adventures, and my world travels for so long, some as far back as the age of 15," he tells Domaine.

Domaine has the full story.

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