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Tiny House on Wheels In Southwest Colorado Wants $27,350

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A seller in the outdoor mecca of Durango, Colorado, is asking just $27,350 for this tiny, contemporary house on wheels. It may not be as fancy as this lux Jackson Hole cabin or this mobile log home, but for a fraction of the price you can still have about 136 square feet and a bedroom. The shed roof design sits on a 7'-6" x 16' trailer and weighs around 4800 pounds. Although a bit sparse inside, this mobile adventure vehicle has packed in a galley kitchen with a 2 burner cooktop, storage under the stairs, and a sleeping loft which holds a full sized mattress. This trailer would be super easy to pull from ski town to ski town. It's the traveling ski bum lifestyle at just under $30,000.

· Tiny House on Wheels in Durango, CO [TIny House Listings]