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Run-Down Garage Reborn as an Illuminated Lakeside Cabin

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Seattle-based design firm Graypants, Inc. is clearly not in the practice of mincing words about projects, or at least not this one in particular, which they describe as "reinvigorating a tired, post World War II structure (aka: shitty garage)." And why should they be, after it won a 2013 Honor Award from the Washington AIA? There aren't any 'before' photos floating around, so they'll just have to be taken at their word on that, but given how glassy, sleek, and warm the final product turned out, it's hard to imagine the structure as anything less.

To be sure, the conversion process was more of a full-scale material reappropriation than a structural update, with scratch boards from the original repurposed as walls, and much of the leftover wood reused as floorboards. The large panes of glass and LED system situate it firmly in the present, while small touches like an antique wash basin, a century-old wood-burning stove, and reclaimed pine keep it in conversation with its roots.

Because the client specified that the place be multifunctional, there aren't any interior partitions breaking up the space, and the floorboards open to reveal a cache of stow-away lounges and bedding for overnight stays. Which must be pretty dreamy under that slatted, see-through cabana.

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