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Estate With Secret Bedroom and Bowling Alley Wants $55M

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A newcomer to the market, this 25,000-square-foot mega manse in Beverly Hills, Calif. is so ludicrously stuffed with amenities that it almost seems better suited for lavish, Gatsby-esque fetes then, say, everyday living. Listed for a jaw-dropping $55M, the gated estate boasts such luxe perks as a private chef's wing off the main kitchen, a massive wine cellar and tasting room, a bowling alley, a secret bedroom concealed behind a hidden door in the master suite, and an indoor swimming pool lined with curtained-off cabana spaces. Outside, there's yet another pool and spa, an elaborate patio area, and an (yep, another) kitchen. Even though the opulent home was just built in 2010, the decor is decidedly faux old-school glamour, with plenty of candelabra and probably one too many elaborate window treatments to appeal to everybody. By all means, though, do have a look:

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