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This is How a Rainbow Brite Superfan Does Home Decor

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Rivaling even the magical Lisa Frank HQ in sheer over-saturated exuberance, the home-turned-museum of Rainbow Brite superfan Katy Haile recently started making the rounds on the web with a lesson for all, young and old, about the true meaning of devotion. Like other supremely committed collectors before her, Haile has turned her home into a shrine commemorating one of her greatest passions, which in this case, just happens to be rainbow-themed, and there's only so many colorfully hairdoed dolls you can put in a room before it looks better to just paint the whole thing like a prismatic wonderland.

For the uninitiated, Rainbow Brite is an '80s cartoon about a plucky little girl who, aside from joining with the seven Color Kids and a horse named Starlite to return color to a black-and-white world, spawned an extensive toy and memorabilia line. Haile has collected and curated much of it in her home, which she proudly calls the Rainbow Brite Museum (and is not to be confused with a certain Philadelphia abode). Though she was passionate about the show as a child, her commitment faded away until a thrift-shop find at age 15 brought it all back again, apparently with a vengeance. She currently has about 1,500 items in her home, and shows no signs of stopping. "I expect it will be a lifelong project," she told Buzzfeed.

Haile's collection, which started with a doll she received for her fifth birthday, even invaded the bedroom, where there's a rainbow curtain, Rainbow Brite drapes, and a matching duvet set. Haile also runs, where she connects with other likeminded individuals. Metro reports that none have yet made pilgrimage to her home, but after this week, it's only a matter of time.

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