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Here Now, the Personal Homes of Zaha, Libeskind, and More

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This year's Salone del Mobile, the annual exhibition in Milan that's billed as "the global benchmark for the Home Furnishing Sector," will feature some tantalizing peeks inside the personal homes of the globe's most recognizable contemporary architects. As part of its "Where Architects Live" event, onlookers get a peek inside the dwellings of grandstand swoop-obsessive Zaha Hadid (above), British purveyor of spiky-topped buildings David Chipperfield, cardboard construction guy Shigeru Ban, and, yes, controversial (pseudo?) architect Daniel Libeskind.

Zaha Hadid

All photos by Davide Pizzigoni for Salone del Mobile

↑ Salone describes Hadid's place with the phrase "as dazzling as her smile," though in actuality the open-plan London spread is as colorless, edgeless, and Sci Fi-esque as any of the many, many buildings (and dollhouses!) that provided the cash needed to afford such a place.

David Chipperfield

↑ Sparse yet luxurious, Chipperfield's home/studio in Berlin pretty much encapsulates the aesthetic he's deployed for the world's high-brow museums. The building itself is concrete, with large windows peering into the courtyard and street. Inside, Chipperfield brought in a collection of midcentury Italian furnishings and a grand total of two (2) colors: a green on the velvet sofa and an orange on the space-dividing bookcase.

Shigeru Ban

All photos by Hiroyuki Hirai for Salone del Mobile

↑ Considering his penchant for building structures with a light (even transient) footprint on the environment, it's not totally surprising that Ban designed his own dwelling with this particular challenge in mind: he wanted to build a complex in a particularly wooded part of Tokyo without chopping down a single tree. The result is a building that puckers and pulls in places to leave trees undisrupted. The interiors are the ultimate in zen, with sparse and simple furnishings and lots of light.

Daniel Libeskind

All photos by Nicola Tranquillino for Salone del Mobile

↑ At last we come to the home-base of everybody's favorite creator of jagged things, Daniel Libeskind. Fortunately or otherwise, his NYC pad is surprisingly comfortable, with lots of books and personal items like paint brushes and figurines.

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