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How Does $27K Sound for a Tiny Home Built on a Trailer?

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If location truly is everything, then the nomadic tiny home might have a leg up on the competition despite its diminutive side, as it can be towed most anywhere as long as there's the will and a trailer hitch. A seller in Durango, Colorado is offering one up for $27,350, and its 136 square feet includes a galley kitchen with a two-burner cooktop, a full-size sleeping loft, and tons of rustic accoutrement: a side table made from a cross-section slab of wood, twisted-branch lighting fixtures, reclaimed-wood room dividers. Sitting on a 7'-6" x 16' trailer, this corrugated-tin shed is what Curbed Ski identifies as the perfect gateway to the "traveling ski bum lifestyle." Sound good? Give the full gallery a look then.

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