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Inside One Cali Cat Owner's $35K Feline Palace

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While extravagant structures and decor geared toward the most pampered of pets is nothing new, the owner of this Goleta, Calif. home just took kitty-centric architecture to a whole other level, dropping a whopping $35K to transform his suburban home into a veritable feline fantasy world. Created with the help of the Calif.-based construction company Trillium Enterprises, every single room in the renovated home is now lined in colorful ledges, slides, and tunnels for the owner's 18 cats. Spiral staircases and scratching post columns complete the look, while a much-needed ventilation system (18 cats) works to keep the place odor-free. On the slivers of brightly-colored wall space not covered in cat-playground, there are—unsurprisingly—painting of even more furry friends. Find a few shots below, then head over to My Modern Met for the full gallery.

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