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Stunning Winery is Made from Recycled Boats, of All Things

Constructed to "mimic the existing environment" and embody "the most efficient ways for wine making," the Vena Cava Winery in Mexico's Guadalupe Valley has ceilings made out of discarded boats from a nearby port. What do viticulture and marine debris reveal about one another, now that they've been brought together by a boat conversion? Surely a capricious grow season, like a choppy sea, can be a cruel mistress, but more importantly, and to the heart of adaptive projects the world over, it looks super rad.

The complex, masterminded by California design studio Claudia Turrent + Alejandro D'Acosta Arquitectos, was built following a radial pattern, which speeds up production by minimizing the distance between different mechanisms. The undersides of four boats are pictured in the overhead photo below, but other scraps were used in the floors. It's hard to tell if the layout of the structure really "references the mountains and the stars," but leaving the guts of these former seafaring vessels intact and painting them black was a particularly inspired touch. Peruse the rest of the project photos over at Design Boom.

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