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There's Cowhide on Many Ceilings of This $7.5M Florida Manse

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While the fine state of Florida offers no dearth of head-scratching real estate for sale, this Weston, Fla. ranch can proudly claim the title of the weirdest listing of the day, thanks to the sheer number of bonkers decor choices crammed into the 15,781-square-foot space. Currently on the market for $7.5M, the single-story, four-bedroom property is centered around a massive stone fireplace that's been adorned with some sort of Legends of the Hidden Temple-esque, uh, fireplace medallion. On either side are two equally ugly living rooms, both sharing the same mind-boggling cowhide ceilings and taste for eighties-era furniture sets. Other notable offenses include ever more cowhide ceilings in the office, wall-to-wall mirroring in rooms where it doesn't belong (ahem, the bathroom), random frescos, and the most confusing bedroom setup to ever grace a listing photo. From the outside, the property looks only marginally better, with a not-terrible pool—if random urns and life-size chess set don't sounds to odd—and lake views. Those feeling brave can take the full tour, below:

· House in Indian Trace, Weston, Broward County, FL [Estately]