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In the Future, All Eye Clinics Will Look This Stylish

Further contributing to the surprising wealth of high-design pharmacies, dentist offices, orthodontic clinics, and other would-be mundane offices of the world, this shockingly cool optician's office in Laval, Canada is a study in black and white decor—created to look like a chic, futuristic boutique. Designed by Canadian studio La SHED Architecture, the so-called L'Aire Visuelle eye clinic offers a visual distinction between its all-white glasses showroom and noir examination area and offices—creating a stark split down the 3,056-square-foot space.

According to the architects responsible, the slightly awkward shape of the space previously caused the clinic to feel clustered and narrow. In their redesign, the brightly-lit sales area was moved to take over the whole front of the space, now surrounded by windows on three sides. On the ceiling, a dramatic panel futuristic black and white tiling pulls the whole space together. Dezeen has the full gallery, so take a good long look.

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