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Perfect Composite Images Compare London Then and Now

Made from 18th and 19th century paintings, modern-day street shots, and a keen knowledge of the city's architecture, these delightful "mash-ups" compare modern-day London with its former self by perfectly lining-up works of art by the great Italian painter Canaletto and Google map screen grabs of Westminster Palace, St. Martin's in the Fields, and more. The final products are collaged together by a mysterious, online artist known as Shystone—who pairs each image with a tidbit of knowledge about the architectural changes made. Not surprisingly, Shystone's work is swiftly making rounds on the internet, sparking ever-astute comments about how "18th Century London looks really nice" with "lots of death from easily preventable disease, no indoor toilets and no good lighting but you know....pretty." History buffs and architecture fans alike, take a look:

· Historic London Paintings on contemporary Photos [Design You Trust]