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See What Frank Gehry is Doing for Facebook's NYC HQ

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Curbed NY just dropped a huge chunk of in-progress shots of Facebook's new Frank Gehry-designed headquarters in downtown Manhattan and the results are—well let's just say they're no Google. There's no strange decor (in fact there's a silent dearth of really any kind of decor) and, as of yet, little in the way of overt branding or funhouse perks. Employees started trickling in earlier this week, though photos indicate the floors in the 1905-built structure (once upon a time the flagship Wanamaker's department store) are still fairly unfinished, despite the projects looming spring construction deadline. In conclusion, it's nothing so grand as what Gehry is dreaming up for the company in Menlo Park, Calif., but also a pretty unambiguous step up from its former New York office, which the company has easily outgrown since 2007, when it moved in. Another conclusion, provided by the straight-shooting commenters of Curbed NY: "i could have designed this/what did gehry do here/looks like every other open plan tech office on earth."

Curbed NY has many more shots, including those of the scale model Gehry's team created, right this way.

· Here Now, Facebook's Partially Done, Gehry-Designed NYC HQ [Curbed NY]