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Artist's Tiny Studio Gets a Sweet, Functional Makeover

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Photo via Dezeen

Measuring in at a tiny 161-square-feet, this super functional (and highly adorable) studio in an artist's Tel Aviv, Israel apartment uses every last inch of space available. Apparently, the petite room—designed by Israeli architect Ranaan Stern—couldn't be expanded in any way, since two of the walls in the space were made up of windows. So instead, Stern and his team went to work measuring the artist's necessary tools and art stockpile—"the artist creates and collects different kinds of art pieces," explains Stern—and figured out a way to house them using a whole lot of storage space.

Now, the workplace manages to make room for a desk, a total of 36 drawers, a pegboard wall, and even a slim bed that folds out of the wall. Against one large window, there's even a long work table big enough for four people. Despite the massive amount of stuff, the space still feels larger than it is—in part due to the fact that the floors, shelving, and furniture all made from the same light birch. Find a few photos below, then head over to Dezeen for the full tour.

Photo via Dezeen

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