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Is This Eichler 'Rare and Swanky' Enough to Warrant $800K?

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Though the listing touts it as "rare and swanky," is this Oakland tract home that much rarer or swankier than the rest of the Joseph Eichler homes out there, the shallow A-frame mid-mods built en masse by a California developer so beloved that there are entire sites devoted to tracking the emergence of his work on the market? Hard to say. The drab coat of exterior paint certainly isn't doing it any favors, but the rub for Eichler enthusiasts is inevitably how well the interior has been taken care of, either faithfully preserved or astutely updated. This three-bedroom, 1,600-square-foot Eichler seems spot-on, for the most part, neither marred by Home Depot cabinetry nor tripped up by inappropriately redone fenestration. The mahogany paneling and stained-wood ceilings look right where they need to be. To compare, an $800K ask is at the mid-to-lower end of our survey, price-wise. It'll be up to the preservation mavens to decide whether updated "dual-pane glass, VCT floors, bath fixtures, stainless appliances, and amazing modern landscaping" are a bridge too far.

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