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Go Here Now: The Top Reasons to Ski (Powder!) at Wolf Creek

Yesterday we mapped out your ticket to endless powder in Southwest Colorado and today we let you in on one of the state's snowiest secrets: Wolf Creek Ski Area. As the first stop in our ultimate powder road trip, Wolf Creek sets the stage with fluffy pillow lines, lots of snow, and a laid-back vibe. We break down the top ten reasons why you need to get your powder-loving bum to this local's favorite, ASAP.

1. Wolf Creek scores more snow than any other ski area in the state. WIth an average annual snowfall of 430 inches, the Wolf is your best bet for a powder day in Colorado, period. Want to see what all that snow looks like? Check this out.

2. It's never crowded. On a recent Friday powder day, Curbed Ski tore up the double black Waterfall area off of the Alberta Lift and didn't see another skier for 1 1/2 hours. Seriously. Weekends see a few more people, but Wolf Creek just doesn't get the kind of crowds you get at Vail, Park City, or Mammoth.

3. Wolf Creek is a laid-back place. The mountain vibe is friendly, welcoming, and relaxed. Forget the pretension and just ski.

4. The San Juan Mountains are gorgeous. There's something different about these mountains. They look untouched by time and provide a jaw-dropping background for your ski day.

5. Wolf Creek is a true ski area, with people who ski. Don't expect fur coats, free cookies, or fancy schmancy cars. But if powder is your thing, this is the place for you.

6. It's high up. Wolf Creek's base elevation is 10,300 feet and the mountain rises to a whopping 11,904. This means that the snow stays colder and you can find fresh tracks days after a storm.

7. There are new lifts. Even though it's a small resort, Wolf Creek has invested in new lifts like the Treasure Stoke, a new detachable high-speed quad.

8. Wolf Creek is cheap! Even if you have a season pass to another resort, a lift ticket to Wolf Creek won't break the bank. Adults cost $58 for a full day and a child or senior ticket is only $31.

9. It's a great place to learn. Powderhounds will love all the snow, but if you're just learning how to ski, Wolf Creek is a good choice. Beginners can access the Nova Chair (the beginner lift) for only $23, and ski lessons are a good value too.

10. There is fun hike-to terrain. Although you rarely have to search for fresh tracks, if you want to use those lungs, try a hike. Bonanza Bowl, Prospector Ridge, and North Woods are a short hike from the top of the Treasure Chair, while cardio-lovers can head to Horseshoe Bowl, a 45-minute hike from the top of the Alberta Lift.
-All Photos By Jason Barber

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