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Ski Resorts Are Blowing Up Smoke Shacks in Colorado

Video of Breckenridge Ski Patrol blowing up a smoke shack, via Unofficial Networks on 2/26/2014

Watch out pot lovers, a recent Inside Edition news story has prompted a full scale-attack on Colorado's smoke shacks, the illegally built huts in the forest where skiers go to get high. An over-the-top Inside Edition story put a hidden camera in Leo's, Breckenridge's most infamous smoke shack, and watched as skiers and snowboarders toked up. Let's face it, skiers have been hitting the slopes with pot for decades, so this doesn't come as a shock. But ski resorts throughout Colorado have struggled to deal with pot policy after weed sales became legal this year, and now Vail Resorts has come down hard against the smoke shacks. Want proof? Check out this video of Breckenridge ski patrol blowing up Leo's smoke shack this week. And just this morning Vail Resorts issued a press release confirming that "a number of structures associated with prohibited marijuana use and constructed illegally on USFS lands" have been destroyed. Are smoke shacks headed the way of the cassette tape and 8-bit?

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