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All Aboard the 'Sumptuous' Yacht From The Wolf of Wall Street

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Perhaps best known for its role as the super glitzy, 90s-centric party boat Leonardo Dicaprio's character capsizes in The Wolf of Wall Street, the real-life LADY M is now available for the famous and non-famous alike to charter—so long as $125K/week sounds doable. A fair word of warning: much like an actress caught without stage make-up, the 144.36-foot-long super yacht isn't nearly as glamorous sans the Hollywood treatment, appearing rather tacky and dingy in each and every listing photo. Built in 2002, the interior space makes room for five bedrooms—including one master suite—and a wet bar-equipped lounge outfitted in what the boat-babble calls "timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating" that in truth looks more like the stuffy decor of a chain hotel. Above deck, though, the lavish jacuzzi and prime sunbathing spots prove that a poorly-decorated yacht-mansion still beats its land-locked brethren any day. Take a look:

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