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Washington State's Priciest Manse Asks a Whopping $32.8M

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Location: Bellevue, Wash.
Price: $32,800,000
The Skinny: This hulking leviathan on the shores of Lake Washington has just come wallowing onto the market for the eye-watering sum of $32.8M, which is probably a PriceChop or three away from what it will finally go for—though you certainly can't blame the owners for trying. There may well be buyers in the market for a home full of uncomfortable-looking chairs that are each exactly three feet away from their neighbor (presumably a yardstick was employed?), what looks like a paint-by-numbers mural in the wine cellar, and a bunch of those yoga balls that were going to replace office chairs but turned out to be the standing desks of 2008. Yes—there may well be buyers in the market for that. Buying an 11,000-square-foot home with an impressive sounding Italian-ish name (introducing: Bellalago!) does sound pretty awesome on paper, and if you've got, say, a billion dollars, you'll still have $967,000,000 left after you pay the broker with a steamer trunk full of shrink-wrapped bricks of hundred-dollar bills. Also, the views are pretty nice!

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