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Soon This Scifi-Esque Garden Tower Will Bloom in Morocco

French firm Maison Edouard François just released some ever-so-lofty plans to build three "organically-shaped" towers, an office building, a series of residential blocks, and a central piazza that will all don the same bougainvillea and jasmine facade—not unlike the equally lush work of (other) French botanist Patrick Blanc. Rather similar—if slightly more over the top—to the firm's past projects, the so-called Gardens of Anfa is scheduled to be completed by 2017, and is cited for Casablanca, Morocco. If all goes according to plan, the entire "mixed-use neighborhood" will cover 538,195-square-feet, like a lovely flower bonnet atop the city. Check out the rendering below, and then head over to Arch Daily for the full gallery.

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