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Inside One Designer's Artistically Appointed Austin Getaway

Domaine recently got a peek at the Austin, Texas home and studio belonging to the multi-talented artist and designer Alyson Fox—who has created collections for West Elm, Lululemon, H&M, and more. While Fox dabbles in a bunch of artistic fields, all her work shares the same distinct, rather unique aesthetic—with a taste for clean lines, simplicity, and playful pops of color and texture. Unsurprisingly, the modern, minimalist home she and her husband built on the outskirts of the city shares the same aesthetic sense, with sunny, floor-to-ceiling windows running parallel at either end of the home, simple cement floors, and matching wood walls and ceilings. "We wanted a simple floor plan with as much glass as we could afford" explains Fox of her home, "We wanted to live light and have lots of natural light."

In terms of decor, much of the space is left pretty stark—with neutral, unfussy furniture, and a dramatic white-washed fireplace and mantel. There are, however, a fair amount of funky rugs, unexpected bright chairs and end tables, and patterned wall hangings keep the home and studio feeling creative and inspiring. Do have a look at Domaine's full gallery, this way.

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