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Ribbon-Like Broadcast Tower Coming to a Hilltop in Turkey

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International architecture firms IND and Powerhouse Company have triumphed in a competition to design a 328-foot-tall broadcast tower in Çanakkale, Turkey with their plan for a ring-shaped platform that rises to form a sleek communications mast. Aside from the tower, the competition brief called for exhibition spaces and observation decks, and a statement released with the winning design praised how it "resolves these paradoxes by uniting all the different functions and spatial requirement into one spatial gesture." With that, a wooded hilltop on the outskirts of an historic city was promised a fancy red multifunctional tiara.

Visitors will be encouraged to wander along the raised walkway curving around the site. The visitor center will be similarly lifted, sitting above the treetops on the city-facing edge of the hill, deliberately located away from the tower to reduce attendee's exposure to radiation. The underside of the tower will form a "gracious gateway" through which people can enter the lawn in the center, a gesture meant to create "a strong visual identity; an iconic appearance from afar that is transformed into an elaborate scenic experience when up close."

By keeping the structure raised, the architects hope to keep the project's impact on the surrounding forest to a minimum. The encircled area will serve as a dedicated park, with walkway access at the points where it touches down on the ground before joining to form the antenna.

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