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Here Now: 14 Vanishing Buildings From Around the Globe

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As the onslaught of microhomes and isolated writers' huts can attest, often when it comes to new-found (or rediscovered) architectural tropes, what starts as a trickle of innovators quickly turns into a flood of LEDs and raw concrete. Such is the case with "disappearing" architecture, buildings that master the art of camouflage by way of mirrored walls, hologram-style images, or other such trickery. Here now, 14 examples of buildings that fade from the foreground.

Slide to make Tower Infinity appear and disappear! Rendering via Architizer

↑ If one's to believe the potential of Seoul, South Korea's up-and-coming Incheon International Airport tower, soon mankind will literally be able to make skyscrapers disappear—no muss no fuss. Tower Infinity, designed by GDS Architects, will rise 450 meters (1476.38 feet) in the air and feature "a cutting-edge LED façade system that allows visual information behind the skyscraper to be captured and simultaneously projected from the tower's surface." The building, in turn, will "blend into the background like an enormous, crystalline chameleon." [previously]

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