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This Cali Home Asking $4M is Complete Design Pandemonium

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Built in the early aughts, this four-bedroom Encinitas mansion makes that most wrote of listing boasts right off the bat, of "panoramic views from every room!" What the ad fails to mention is the pandemonic views inside them. Take this lounge for example: the gang's all here! Could the people-chairs be former guests who made the mistake of sampling the giant pears in front of them, now cursed to live out their lives as part of a jungle-themed arrangement lorded over by a tangle of Christmas lights? It's hard to tell what's weirder, those, or the giant purple people-eating lamps in the "luxurious master suite" sandwiching a pair of Mardi Gras-themed chaise lounges. Or how about the seed-pod lighting fixture and zebra-chair combo in the study? The list goes on and on, and so does the listing, which makes enigmatic mention of "bonus room(s) upstairs!" as well as a "custom sound system, custom theatre, no stone left unturned," presumably in search of yet more customization opportunities. Currently asking $4M, all 8,000 or so square feet of this place are nothing if not... customized.

· 1659 Bella Laguna Ct [Redfin via Looney Listing]