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Ultra-Modern Spec Home With Blue Water Views Asks $17.5M

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Location: Key Biscayne, Fla.
Price: $17,500,000
The Skinny: There's something seductive about this strikingly minimalist new construction home on Key Biscayne, and it's not the city views, nor the clear blue water of the bay, nor even the two (two!) infinity pools beckoning potential buyers with a crooked, well-manicured finger. No: it's the allure of the fantasia of a permanently uncluttered home. A home utterly lacking a pile of discarded shoes left on the floor just inside the front door. A refuge where dishes are always tucked safely away in their cupboards or, at the very least, nestled in their plastic racks inside the dishwasher, merrily pre-soaking away. A sanctuary where even the bathroom counters are free of useless, mostly empty Target foaming hand soap dispensers that refuse to dispense soap no matter how hard the nozzle is pumped (pro tip: time for a refill). Some might say that a home this bereft of signs of life is a cold, sterile place, but they'd be wrong. This is a craftily staged six-bedroom, six-bathroom, 6,500-square-foot spec home that's asking $17.5M, and if $17.5M won't buy freedom from clutter and cruft, what will?

· 755 S Mashta Dr, Key Biscayne, Fla. [Zillow]