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Orange Box Houses Dior's Bizarre Flintstones-Style Runway

Yes, Paris-based "creative agency" Bureau Betak may say that its design for Christian Dior's spring/summer 2014 runway show was inspired by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, but we're not falling for that, not when the runway—a pure white, hand-carved, organic masterpiece wrapped like a present inside a metallic orange box—is so clearly a minimalist house from The Flintstones. Plunked on the gardens of Paris's Musée Rodin, the cocoon of couture is hard-edged and gleamy from the outside (an "abrupt juxtaposition to the serene, manicured landscape that surrounds it," as it is described on Design Boom) while the inside contains "subtly sculpted curves" and "sensual contours." It sounds much more sexual (and much less straight-up bizarre) than it actually is—so, please, have a look.

· Bureau Betak Transforms Musée Rodin Gardens for Dior Paris Show [Design Boom]