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Japan, Yet Again, Proves Walls are Completely Unnecessary

As if to stick it to any designer prancing around belting songs about bringing the outdoors in, this house in Tokyo's Todoroki Valley has all-glass exterior walls and, well, pretty much zero interior ones. Designed by Fujiwalabo Architects—a firm that counts among its credos "A base for a delightful life" and "Innovation from the way of built"—the home is essentially all wood and glass, with a large central stair and views in every which way of the surrounding greenery. Transparency is no new thing in Japanese architecture, of course—houses that are essentially windows on stilts, walls that create privacy through fog—but unlike certain other of its see-through contemporaries (ahem, here's lookin' at you, Sou Fujimoto) at least this place has a fully walled bathroom.

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