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Quirky Little Cottage From Dwell's Early Days Asks $900K

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Curiously small, unabashedly modern huts in the middle of nowhere have always been part of Dwell's DNA, and this curiously small, unabashedly modern Oregon home was there when it all began, having been featured in the magazine in 2000, the very first year it published. The 87-acre property in Molalla, about 45 minutes from Portland, includes a 700-square-foot, two-room micro cottage designed by its owner, a local architect, plus an additional studio, shop, greenhouse, and plenty of land to build a much larger main house. "We'd put the queen-size Murphy bed down at 8 p.m. so the kids could go to sleep," the owner told Dwell in a followup story in 2010. "We'd work in the grand room until 11 p.m., then pick up the kids, transfer them to the sofa bed, and then we'd go to bed." Although "[m]y wife still has dreams of having goats, making goat cheese, and living the rural life," eventually, for the obvious practical reasons, the family moved to Portland and put the place on the market. After years of listing, re-listing, de-listing, and PriceChopping, the asking price seem to have landed at $899K.

· 32940 S. Wright Road, Molalla, Ore. [Redfin]
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