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Architect's Polarizing, Korean-Inspired Pad Wants $1.89M

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Built in 1993 by self-taught Korean-American architect David Hyun, this mid-century-modern-style home with Korean details is a truly unique little piece of property. On the market for $1.89M, the five-bedroom, 4,909-square-foot home—which Hyun actually built for himself and his wife—is located directly across from a picturesque reservoir in the hip Los Angeles, Calif. neighborhood of Silver Lake. The home opens to a "grand gallery entrance," and offers a cathedral-ceilinged living room and kitchen area, and a large (but very slim) wing devoted to studio space, an extra office, and what looks like the barest, most depressingly minimalist media room ever built. So far, reactions to the home have been wildly hot and cold, with some admiring the airy, sky-lit interiors and dramatic facade, and others finding the place narrow, awkward, and generally "too IKEA'ish." Check out the full gallery, below, and join the debate:

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