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Acquire this Castle for $2.95M and Become Fort Worth Royalty

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Wherever you build your castle and make your fiefdom, from storied Turin to fair Chevy Chase, perhaps we can all agree that it's great to have land and it's great to be king. If you're in want of the former and have even a somewhat dubious claim to the latter, why not give this turreted castle-home in Fort Worth a once-over? Built all the way back in 1996, this five-bedroom, 6,500-square-foot estate wears its legacy proud, with, as the listing opines, a number of "regal details," including "coffered ceilings, framed archways, paneling, crown moldings, custom stone work, dual his and her baths in master suite and an elevator." Ah yes, his-and-hers baths, that unfailing marker of a home's true regality. And who could forget the most kingly of details, a pool room with an overhead skylight that right now sports at least seven mounted buck heads and what looks to be an otter. Disappointingly, the rest of the interior doesn't look too castle-like; brought low by a set of decidedly unkingly carpets and ceiling fans, the place could really use a coat of arms or three. At $2.95M, it asks a king's ransom, at the very least.

· 9888 Boat Club Rd [Redfin]