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This Tiny Home is Little More Than a Pair of Windows on Stilts

When Tokyo-based architect Yasutaka Yoshimura was designing a home for a narrow plot of beachfront land alongside Japan's Shagami Bay, he was fully aware that he risked disturbing the neighborhood's view of the water. His solution was a bit out of the ordinary, especially for a house of this size: opening up nearly the entirety of the main living area with a pair of large windows. Japanese design has been going through a bit of a torrid love affair in recent years with both privacy-eschewing and extremely narrow abodes, so it was probably only a matter of time before they came together in a single package. The result is pretty striking, especially if you're of the ilk that believes extra space is space wasted, and that residential design shouldn't have so much to hide.

Still, Window House allows for a bit of privacy, with the kitchen, living room, and bedroom tucked away in the corners, all connected by the stairs and ladders that take center stage when the home is viewed from the outside. The concrete stilts holding it up do more than protect it from high tide; they also turn the 10'x26' concrete foundation of the home into small shaded patio. Not bad for a weekend getaway at the beach, assuming you don't mind being on display.

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