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A Personal Pub Hides in This English Home's Backyard

Perfect for those who prefer their nightlife devoid of noisy crowds, long commutes, and rules prohibiting pajamas to be worn to the bar, this semi-detached property on the market for £249,950 (or about $337,607) just might offer the finest, booziest amenity of all time. Located in Birmingham, England, the four-bedroom home appears pretty standard at first glance—with a bright, basic central living area, a large kitchen, and a lovely, heated conservatory—but devotes much of the backyard to a secret log cabin-style bar.

One-upping basement-bar properties in a big way, the personal pub makes room for a wet bar, darts, plenty of seating, and even a pool table. Out front, there is a small porch and a (very short) pathway leading back to the main house. Interested buyers had better put that pint down and move fast, though, because it looks like the owners are currently reviewing an offer. Rightmove has all the photos, right this way.

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