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Gorgeous 'Jetsons-Meets-Flintstones' Manor is 'Pure Dope'

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Call it what you will: supervillain lair, a house "to keep the mother-in-law away," "20,000 levels of pure DOPE!," "SEX," or "Jetsons-meets-Flintstones," all of which were suggested by the prolific and profound Curbed LA commenters, this manor custom built to mirror the dry and craggy terrain of Joshua Tree, Calif., is a sight to behold, sitting as it is amongst the outcroppings like a concert hall-cum-ribcage. Built for an artist by renown organic architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the estate was hewn in the late '80s (anybody surprised?) out of concrete, steel, glass, and copper, though a decade of "tweaking" by interior designer John Vugrin meant the owners only moved in at the beginning of the millennium. The 4,643-square-foot manor, on the market for $3M, is built with a robustness to bulwark the severe desert weather, with, according to the Desert Sun, 26 columns to "prop up rooflines that fan out like wings." In all, its low profile and general eccentricity makes it pretty ideal for formulating schemes, and all for 10 percent the cost of some other desert gems. More photos below.
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