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Idyllic Artists' Colony Cottage Asks a Hefty $1.19M

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Tucked away on a one-acre plot in Santa Barbara, this tiny brick-and-stone cabin is so picturesque that the absence of cheery, helpful, Snow White-style cartoon critters milling about in the listing photos is a rather conspicuous one. The last of three homes built in the neighborhood by the Mountain Drive Colony—which was known for, among other pastimes, its naked wine stomps and annual Pot Wars (ceramics, not dope)—most of this adobe hut's similar-looking peers were destroyed in a fire, leaving it to face the strange fate of post-bohemia real estate in a prime location; once part of a countercultural enclave, now asking $1.19M. So, quite a bit for a one-bedroom, but the eclectic DYI interior has aged quite nicely in the 44 years since it was built, with bricks made from the clay unearthed in digging its foundation. Crank up the Joan Baez and give it a look below:

· 1035 Coyote Rd [Redfin]