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No Snow & Angry Employees: Can it Get Worse for Mammoth?

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Despite a recent snowstorm in late January, things are not looking good for Mammoth Mountain Ski Area and rumor has it that employees are angry. In a memo to Mountain employees last week, CEO Rusty Gregory said that the ski area is reducing employee hours from 40 to 30 hours per week and that all salaried employees would be furloughed for five days in February. This dismal announcement comes in one of Mammoth's worst snow seasons, with only 60 inches of snow falling as of January 31. The statistics are awful, especially for a ski town that's been plagued by drama and infighting. Skier visits are down 37%, revenue is below budget by $17.1 million, and although Gregory says "snow is coming. Keep the faith," Mammoth needs constant snow to come anywhere close to its 400 inch annual average. Snow dances welcome.
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