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Nine Absurd Photos of Australia's $7.4M All-Versace House

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Located on a prime piece of wharf property in Sydney, Australia, this 3,122-square-foot, three-bedroom home is on the market for $7.4M—Versace brand decor included. According to the owner, the place came fully furnished in all its emblematic black and gold splendor—which can only mean the original resident was opulent decor-enthusiast Gianni Versace, himself, or, uh, Drake—and felt a bit too "glitzy" for her taste when she first moved in. With time, though, the current owner told the Wall Street Journal she's grown to love the decadent design scheme—especially the parquet and marble flooring that apparently cost $445.5K to install. Other notable, oh-so-Versace details include Greek key designs on the floors, ceilings and fireplace, bold roman columns, and—of course—gold leaf gilding on literally every surface that's not already covered in the luxury Italian brand's signature acanthus leaves. By all means, do have a look:

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