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Disco Dance in This Italian Architect's Renovated Home

Tucked amongst Renaissance villas on a hilltop in Florence, Italy, this unlikely neighbor brings a surprising pop of futuristic weirdness to an otherwise historic spread of homes. While the facade of the 2,002-square-foot property remains untouched, Italian architect Simone Micheli—who now lives in the home with his family— completely renovated the interior space by combining two small apartments and covering the walls in a white lime plaster with slanting, asymmetrical doorways. Thanks to the mirrors lining these walls and a wildly heavy-handed dose of colored light strips, the three-story home veers so far from its medieval architectural origins that it ends up in the EDM-thumping realm of houses that could double as night clubs—which is either awesome or nightmarish, depending on one's willingness to bunk up in a Euro discoteca.

The furnishings—also designed by Micheli—all follow the same ultra-white, rounded guidelines, even finding use for some cartoony egg-shaped, uh, chairs that roll around on the floor. It's pretty much only the ornate staircase in the front entrance and a bit of the preserved original brick wall in the living room and upstairs bedrooms, in fact, that give away this slick family home as an antique. Design Boom has more photos, right this way.

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