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Stunningly Scenic Ranch in Big Sky Country Asks $64.5M

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Location: Big Sandy, Mont.
Price: $64,500,000
The Skinny: Established a year before Montana entered the Union as the 41st state, the 126,000-acre IX Ranch is now being sold for only the second time in its 126-year history, with an asking price befitting a massive cattle and hunting ranch deep in the heart of Big Sky country: a whopping $64.5M. As is usual with these giant spreads, the accommodations play second fiddle to stunning scenic beauty, endless rolling acres of fertile grazing land, and packs of eager hunting dogs who obviously, totally, want you to scratch them behind their ears. For the animal husbandry-inclined, there are "3,000 bred cows and over 1,400 coming yearlings—mostly heifer calves—plus an appropriate number of bulls", and for aficionados of Nat Geo there are predator/prey interactions aplenty to be observed between the resident mountain lions and the herds of mule deer. And again: dogs who definitely want you to play fetch with them, and who really would like to hang out on the porch with you while you watch the sunset and drink an icy cold adult beverage. To that end there is a main house which, according to the WSJ, was built in 1899, and does indeed have a porch.

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