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Is This Hipster 'Social Club' the Coolest Laundromat Ever?

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Considering that (almost) all laundromats strictly follow the same mundane aesthetic guidelines—think peeling gray walls, semi-broken plastic chairs, and the harshest florescent lights known to man—this adorably twee launderette in Antwerp, Belgium offers a welcomed change in decor. Called Wasbar, the combination cafe, bar, and laundromat is the second branch to be opened under the name—the first located in Ghent, Beligum—and was designed by the Antwerp-based design studio, Pinkeye.

Both inviting and delightfully retro, the entire front of space is devoted to brightly colored seating and a pastel-tiled bar. Washers and dryers line all sides, while the walls above are decorated with quirky framed art and a massive mural of the brand's clothespin and bottle opener emblem. In the way back, there is an extra room for taking care of, uh, more personal items of clothing, which was added after Wasbar's creators "figured out people would be embarrassed to wash and sort their underwear in front of everybody else." Messy Nessy Chic has more photos, plus a video tour featuring a whole lot of attractive Europeans doing their laundry. Do have a look.

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