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Former Netherlands Church Reborn as Svelte Modern Home

After one stint as an antique showroom and another as a small concert hall, the St. Jakobus Church in the Dutch town of Utrecht has finally come into its own after breaking with the faith back in 1991, thanks to an impressive renovation from Zecc Architects. The most drastic change the firm brought about was breaking up the chapel's narrow central chamber with large modular volumes, the top of which now make for a very open second floor. Still, those additions weren't too dramatic a departure, as the interior sections were designed to be removed with minimal site damage should future owners decide the place is done sowing its wild oats. A pretty nifty failsafe, that.

The new rooms hold a bedroom, study, and bathroom, while the alcove at the altar end of the chapel now serves as a dining room, set under original stained glass windows with old pews for seating. Taken as a whole, the conversion is rather minimal, and the place looks all the better for it. Drop by Inhabitat for a closer look.

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