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Pack Up This Prefab Micro Home and Take it to the Country

Created by the Brazil and Uruguay-based architecture collective MAPA, this sleek, 290-square-foot hut was designed to wear many hats—including that of an ultra-remote hotel, a pop-up shop, a showroom, and even a full-time home. The versatile structure is made from a steel frame that can either be delivered as one module or shipped in pieces to be assembled on site, and serves as a prototype for Minimod—a business that specializes in "bespoke modular structures." Despite its teeny stature and ridiculously simple design, this rectangular box manages—as all clever microdwellings do—to carve out enough room to sleep, lounge, and dine in comfort. One end even makes space for an outdoor shower. Perhaps best of all, though, is the Hobbit-style, plant-covered roof—which creates a natural system of rainwater harvesting and filtration. Find a few more shots below, and the head over to Dezeen for the full gallery.

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