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Revisit Film Interiors in These Dollhouse Cross-Sections

Italian architect Federico Babina is at it gain with the infotaining graphics. Last year there was a set of 8-bit starchitect portraits, a trip through noteworthy homes from the silver screen, and most recently, the ABCs of architecture. For his latest display of illustrative prowess, Babina takes another design-oriented trip to the movies, with a poster series showcasing dollhouse-like cross-sections of some of film history's most lovingly remembered interiors: the Vandamm House from North By Northwest, the Overlook Hotel from the Shining (with special attention to that unforgettable geometric carpet pattern), the bridge from the Death Star (say what you will about Vader, but the man had taste). Babina included a few lesser-knowns as well, but overall, the selection process was skewed toward Hitchcock and Kubrik, and rightly so. The full set is over here, and a similar project from an overhead view is this way, but do check out the highlights, below:

· Archiset illustrated film sets by Federico Babina [Dezeen]