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Semi-Circular Modern in the Arizona Desert Wants $7M

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Location: Tucson, Ariz.
Price: $7,000,000
The Skinny: There's definitely something about the desert that brings out the oddball side of some designers. Maybe working in a super-inhospitable landscape is freeing in the same way that self-publishing 100,000 copies of your Game of Thrones fanfic novel or wearing Google Glass would be: sometimes it just feels so right to be so extravagantly wrong. Take this semi-circular contemporary home outside of Tucson, for instance. Outside, it has killer city light and desert views, an elevated walkway that spans the pool and backyard patio, and a cactus garden surrounding the motor court. Inside, things get loopy with what the listing calls a "fire feature", questionable bedding choices (Fuzzy pillows! Floor to ceiling padded headboards!), and an assortment of the types of knickknacks most often found in high-end shopping mall sushi joints. Though the 7,700-square-foot home has only three bedrooms, it comes with an assortment of bathrooms (one full, three three-quarter bathrooms, and two half baths), a wine cellar, a game room, and a gym. It's asking $7M, but for a mere $1M more the owners will throw in all the furnishings.

· 6960 E Rock Ledge Place, Tucson, Ariz. [Long Realty]