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13 Fascinatingly Weird Pairings of Architecture and High Art

All photos via <a href="http://polychroniadis.tumblr.com/">Dimitris Polychroniadis</a>
All photos via Dimitris Polychroniadis

Spotted over on Architizer's round-up of awesome architecture-related Tumblrs is Dimitris Polychroniadis a site that reveres the intersection of architectural principles and high art. It's a land full of dismembered furnishings, frankenstein structures, and, uh, bodies growing out of single-family homes, such as is the case with Andro Wekua's 'Untitled,' above. There's a dozen more below, so do have a look.

↑ Recycled 'Air Hotel' by Time Circus. [link]

↑ 'He Wrote Lyrics on the Window Pane' by Savvas Christodoulides. [link]

↑ Cut-away living room by Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt, at the entrance to South Beach's design district. [link]

↑ Sculpture by Hector Hernandez. [link]

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