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These Mind-Bending Cityscapes Were Created With an iPhone

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Putting pretty much everyone else's selfies and toaster-filtered Instagram snaps to shame, San Francisco-based photographer Shalaco instead harnessed the power of his iPhone camera to create "Impossible Buildings," a series of photographed buildings that have been transformed into to kaleidoscopic, ultra-symmetrical creations thanks to just a few iTunes apps. Shalaco, who describes his work "beautiful" and "gently surreal," first stumbled into the project by playing around with how far he could push the limits of photo correction apps like FrontView and Anticrop. From there, he realized he could alter the look of his subjects so dramatically, that entirely new architecture seemed to appear. The end results look rather similar to past cityscape art projects, though perhaps even more mind-boggling, considering their humble, iPhone origins. Find a few more below, then head over to Architizer for the full gallery.

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