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Kick Back and Relax in This Shadowy Black Desert Retreat

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Designed as a collaboration between creative director Marc Atlan and Los Angeles-based architecture firm Oller & Pejic, this pitch-black Yucca Valley, Calif. fortress stands utterly alone in the Mojave Desert—neighborless on all sides and quite far away from its equally Addams Family-esque brethren scattered across Europe. Called the Black Desert House, the 1,550-square-feet, three-bedroom home is nestled into a wild outcrop of prehistoric boulders, which means the home had to be built in a sort of sprawling, zig-zag manner that puts the bedrooms at one end of the home, and the kitchen, dining room, and sunken living room at the other.

The interiors are—of course—also painted a matte noir, but somehow seem pretty bright and open, thanks to all those floor-to-ceiling glass windows with insane views of not only the desert landscape, but also the luxe, black-tiled patio and pool. According to the architectural team, the place was designed to both serve as a "shadow" of dynamite-leveled mountains that once occupied the space decades ago, and an serene getaway from any and all civilization. My Modern Met has a few more shots of the isolated digs, this way.

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