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Eye-Searingly Opulent Bel Air Estate Returns Asking $26.9M

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Back in 2010, when this supremely hard to look at 13-bedroom Bel Air estate was sitting on the market with a $29.5M pricetag, Curbed LA boiled its predicament down to one pressing question: why anyone would "want to live like Marie Antoinette by way of the Sultan on Brunei on a Vegas bender." As it turns out, no one with that kind of cash flow did—with the notable exception of Michael Jackson, who was involved in negotiations on the place just before his death—which is why, when it sold in 2012, it was for a humbling $18.2M. Well, it's back again, this time with a rebounding $26.9M ask, and what seems certain is that an interior that blindingly bright and marble-filled must be trying to make up for something.

Could it be the fact that, despite its alternate history White House façade and palatial vibe, it's essentially one 20,000-square-foot rectangle on a crammed plot? Or maybe it's because, as alleged by one Curbed LA commenter who claimed to have worked there on a shoot for Showtime's Sleeper Cell, you can "hear the roar of Sunset Blvd. traffic from every room." Boasting "lush gardens" that "envelope guests in a private world of mature palms, ponds, fountains, verandas," and "European-style grottos," this place would have been better off as a Neverland Ranch redux.

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