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Mountain Cabin Costs $1.85 M in…Florida, Wait, What?!?

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Apparently if you can't make it to a ski town, you can just bring the ski town to you. Owners of this 3 bedroom, 5 bath 17th-floor condo must really miss the mountains, because they've decked out the oceanfront pad in mountain decor. There's not a seashell in sight, but there are plenty of saddles, wood accents, antlers, and fur. At $1,850,000, this condo is going to take a unique (read: crazy) buyer. The best part is that the listing seems oblivious to the off-putting decor. It's a lesson in brokerbabble 101, as the "astonishing corner unit" has "custom built, high-end finishes." The condo is even available furnished for all those potential buyers who call the beach home but want to fall asleep with bears and creepy buffalo staring at them.

· High-Rise Florida Condo Thinks It's a Log Cabin []
· 1600 S. Ocean Blvd, Unit 704, Lauderdale by the Sea, FL 33062 []