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Celebrate Anti-Minimalism in This 'Dark and Sexy Oasis'

Considering that George Nunno is co-owner of the NYC branch of the Flair Home Collection—an interior design store based in Italy—it's no shocker that his NYC apartment is just as lush and dramatically appointed as can be. Featured in the March issue of Elle Decor, the glam apartment was designed in the vein of "the sultry glamour of the Rive Gauche circa 1975," with plenty of moody, dark walls, velvet furniture, and exotic, unexpected details—like a vintage leather rhinoceros and geode-carved lamps. "To me, the design of that period was excessive and dangerous and sexy," explains Nunno. "It was anti-minimal. And I think it's coming back again, because people have been so good for so long that now they want to be hedonistic again."

This sauve, 70's feeling dictates every room in the home—which are all furnished in a mix of new and antique pieces, and decorated with an ridiculously extravagant art collection (think an entire set of Warhol camouflage prints.) Even the architecture of the loft itself—designed by NYC architect Betty Rexrode—was customized to fit Nunno's vision, with oversized doors, a black marble kitchen, and a groovy custom steel-and-bronze fireplace. Elle Decor has more shots of the stunning home, this way.

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