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Rotterdam, Meet the Giant Mirrored Salad Bowl of Your Future

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Why was a huge reflective salad bowl chosen to house the city of Rotterdam's art collection? You'd have to ask the jury that selected MVRDV's plan for the Collection Building, a public "art depot" in the Rotterdam's Museumpark. Clad in reflective glass, the structure's facade will be just transparent enough to expose the inner workings of the museum, where according to project description from the firm, a "public route zigzags through the building," from the café-equipped lobby on the ground level to the "exhibition space, sculpture garden and restaurant on the roof," where the leafy greens poking up above the edge of this architecture salad reside.

As usual, one can depend on MVRDV to be eye-catching. Among other local and international projects, the Rotterdam firm notably authored a Smurf-blue mini-village on top of a rooftop in their fair city. Delightfully enough, the renderings show a sculpture of a donkey hanging from the ceiling, a polygonal yellow bear, and a UFO-like structure on the roof, the latter of which was the only one actually confirmed for the museum, "the new home for the Futuro, the ufo-shaped house of Finish architect Matti Suuronen." The museum's actual art, which will undoubtedly be just as crazy, will be housed in "depots visible from the route," so that the "exhibition can be changed on a daily basis by simply moving storage racks so each visit to the building can offer a unique experience."

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